Coast Reporter Article on AVICC

Coast Reporter Article on AVICC

Coast Reporter Article on AVICC Resolutions

Interesting to note this article completely misses the Campbell River resolution supporting salmon farming that was also passed at the meeting.

Good input from Grieg Seafood's Rocky Boschman;

"Rocky Boschman, managing director for Grieg Seafoods BC Ltd., is skeptical of land-based salmon aquaculture. The company has eight licences on the Sunshine Coast, two farms in Jervis Inlet and three farms in Sechelt Inlet.

“At this point, it would be hard to imagine how we could successfully complete that life cycle on land and it’s not being done anywhere in the world, let alone B.C.,” Boschman said. “Essentially it would shut down the industry.”

He also noted that land-based practices could require the company to move operations closer to the markets they serve, such as California.

Boschman dismissed claims that there is consensus among researchers that farms harm wild salmon, adding that farmed salmon are vaccinated prior to being introduced from land-based farm hatcheries into the water. “They’re audited by both the provincial and federal governments and third-party certification agencies.”